There is always a process. My process involves a large amount of photography, manipulation of those photos and a diagram. I trace a diagram, taking in what’s necessary from the photo, ignoring what’s not. I then use this diagram as the basis for a painting.

Occasionally this diagram proves to be too complex, too much of a chore. I’ve mentioned this before, but I reach a point where my initial desire to produce an image wanes. There is a focal point, something the painting is about and as I step outside of this, as begin to refine the periphery of the work I start to question myself.
For all intents and purposes I work in photo-realism, but my work, what I wish to achieve is a photo-unrealism. I have no desire to represent the world as it is. I utilise technology, photographing and painting digitally to engage with something that never existed, a moment, a duration, frozen from one angle – a picture.
I’m preoccupied with memory, with brief glimpses into the things that were, that don’t quite make sense, that existed for a moment and were gone. The photographic memory does not exist, that is not how things are stored and degraded by time. I am breaking down an image, a memory, into a diagram, then reassembling it. Sometimes in that transition things are lost, sometimes, I don’t want to remember.

Wandering alone on that frozen night, across the roof,
I ceased to be – leaking into the night.

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